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Hello  (Female): Sawatdi Kha

Hello  (Males): Sawatdi Khrap

Thank You (Females): Khop Khun Kha

Thank You (Males): Khop Khun Khrap

Sorry/Excuse Me (Females): Kho Thot Kha

Sorry/Excuse Me (Males): Kho Thot Khrap

Yes: Dai

No: Mai Dai






Cold: Yen

Hot: Ron

Milk: Nom

Coffee: Kafae

Water: Nam

Cold Water: Nam Yen

Hot Water: Nam Ron

Iced Water: Nam Khaeng

Tea: Cha

Cold Tea: Cha Yen

Hot Tea: Cha Ron






Spicy: Phet

Not Spicy: Mai Phet

A Little Bit Spicy: Phet Nid Noy

Fried Egg: Kai Dao

Omelette: Kai Jeao

Delicious: Aroi

Pork: Moo

Fish: Pla

Rice: Khao

Fried: Phat






Airport: Sanam Bin

Don Muang Airport: Sanam Bin Don Muang

Suvarnabhumi Airport: Sanam Bin Suvarnabhumi

University: Maha Witthayalai

Chulalongkorn University:  Chulalongkorn Maha Witthayalai

Bus Stop: Pai Rot Mae

MRT Station: Sathani Rot Fai Tai Din

BTS Station: Sathani Rot Fai Fa

Toilet: Hong Naam

Canteen: Rong A-Han

Bus: Rot Mae

BTS: Rot Fai Fa

MRT: Rot Fai Tai Din

Right: Kwaa

Left: Saai

Turn Right: Liao Khwa

Turn Left: Liao Saai

Go Straight: Dtrong Bpai

U-Turn: Liao Klap

Spoon: Chon

Fork: Som

Chopsticks: Ta Kiap

Plate: Jarn

Take Away: Klap Ban

Plastic Bag: Thung

Take Away In A Box: Sai Klong

Take Away In A Plastic Bag: Sai Thung