Metered Taxis 

Taxi fares start at THB35 for the first 2km.

Thereafter, the fare goes up by roughly 2 baht/km.

In traffic jams, there is a surcharge of THB1.25/metre when moving slower than 6km/hour.


Highway tolls usually cost around 25-45 baht and expressway tolls are 70 baht. If you flag a cab from the airport, there is an additional surcharge of 50 baht. 

Spotting Available Taxis:

Look out for the glowing red "Vacant" sign on the bottom right of the front windscreen.


Taxis standing by in front of hotels, especially in the City area, are usually suspicious. Watch out for taxi drivers who try and recommend taking you to "good" places. Walk to the roadside or main road to flag a taxi. 

Ensure the taxi driver turns on the meter once you board the taxi. Do not trust a driver that claims his meter is broken or if he quotes you a fixed fare.

Take note of the taxi license plate and the Driver's Identification card displayed on the dashboard in front of the front passenger's seat. Check that you do not leave any valuables and belongings behind!


The Grab App is available in Bangkok, with various services such as GrabBike, GrabCar, GrabCar 6-Seater, GrabTaxi, and Grabvan (10-12 seater). 

GrabTaxi books a metered taxi through the Grab App for you, but the prices are fixed. This might be a better option during traffic jams so you have an estimated range of the final fare. It might also be a safer option if you are worried about getting scammed by taxi drivers.  

There is a booking fee of THB20 when booking a GrabTaxi, and this will be added to the final metered fare that is reflected. Tolls are also paid by passengers accordingly. Tolls apply to all Grab services as well.

If you are prone to leaving your items in the car, Grab might also be a better option as the drivers can be contacted through the app or help center even after you have reached your destination.  

Si Lom


Tuk-tuks are non-metered and the fare is fixed. The driver quotes you a price for your destination before your ride starts and the final fare is negotiable. It costs slightly more than taxis, but tuk-tuks are able to weave through traffic jams to get to your destination faster.

Motorbike Taxi

Motorbike taxis have similar pricing systems as tuk-tuks. They are non-metered and the price is negotiable before your ride starts. 

Motorbike Taxi drivers can be easily spotted by their orange vests. They usually congregate in small groups along the street. 


Remember to wear a safety helmet. This is a relatively dangerous mode of transport, but it is the fastest way to get through gridlock traffic , especially during rush hours. 

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