useful phrases when ordering food

Water: Nam

Ice: Nam Khaeng

Cold: Yen

Hot: Ron


Cold Water: Nam Yen

Hot Water: Nam Ron

Thai Milk Tea: Cha Yen

Milk: Nom

Tea: Cha

Coffee: Kafae

Hot Tea: Cha Ron

useful phrases when ordering beverages

Spicy: Phed

Not Spicy: Mai Phed

A Little Spicy: Phed Nid Noy

Very Spicy: Phed Mak

Fried Egg: Khai Dao

Omelette: Khai Jeao

Chicken: Kai

Pork: Moo

Fish: Pla

Rice: Khao 

Fried: Phad

Delicious: Aroi


Spoon: Chon

Fork: Som

Chopsticks: Ta Kiap

Plate: Jarn

Plastic Bag: Thung

Put in a Bag: Sai Thung

Takeaway/Bring Home: Klap Ban

Put in a Box: Sai Klong

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